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Life On The Land Project



Never written a song before?  Got a draw full of half written songs?  An experienced song writer looking for new approaches?

These song writing workshops led by internationally awarded song writers and hit makers Carter & Carter will be fun, creative, spirit and community building.  Join us and help create a group song that you can perform at the BETTER DAY CONCERT on Saturday, November 26 at Attree Park Amphitheatre, Corryong.  See the timetable below for opportunities to join us as part of the Life on the Land Song Writing Project.  




Project Delivery Itinerary - this is a work in progress.  Come back to see more details as they are added.

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Basketball clinics, song writing, community art creations, face painting, a BETTER DAY concert, inspiration from Olympian Jason Smith, sausages and community spirit - it’s all happening in the centre of Corryong on Saturday November 26.


The Corryong Basketball Association will host a Basketball Clinic at the Corryong College Ecca centre from 8.30 am. The

coaching and clinics will be run by Former Australian Boomer Captain and Olympian Jason Smith along with NBA, NBL, Australian Olympian Dave Anderson.


There’s a BBQ from midday onwards and a meet and greet where our Olympian guests will inspire, take questions, talk about their histories in the game, and about life.


6pm sees the Men’s Shed sizzle up sausages at Attree Park, with proceeds going to support THRIVE.  Local artists, including Boys on a Bash, will play, the community can paint a mural or two, the kids can have their face painted. Carter & Carter take to the stage at 7pm to sing some of their hits and support those who participated in the song writing workshops during the week to perform their songs.  


Olympian Basketballer Jason Smith will speak to inspire us all, and the community can join in the finale singing of Better Day and I Am Australian with Golden Guitar Winners Carter & Carter.


For full details of the week’s events, including community jam session at the former Corryong Theatre in Donaldson Street on Friday 25  (calling all hopeful musicians to dust off their instruments and come join the fun), community, youth and school song writing workshops and more, go to:

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November 23 - 27, 2022




Corryong (Victoria) ‘Life on the Land’ Community Project 


Project Proposal:

• Facilitate song writing workshops, complete songs by each sector that has a healing message and perform at public concert 

• Utilise and/or create artworks from the community celebrating the theme of Encouragement.



The bushfire disaster has greatly impacted the Victorian community of Corryong and many in the community are experiencing mental health, disengagement, abuse and social issues, which have occurred due to the extreme trauma experienced and left unmanaged because of lengthened periods of pandemic lockdowns.

Due to the various challenges occurring throughout the community of Corryong it was suggested that this community recovery program would be beneficial to be delivered involving various segments of the community such as: school students and teachers, youth, church groups, men’s shed, local artist, performers and community leaders.


Objective and Key Principles of the Project:

To use visual and performing arts as a healing tool for communities who have experienced trauma, anxiety, and interruption of ‘normal’ life.  Arts is considered ‘best practice’ around the world for mental, physical and emotional wellness and building resilience.

The aim of the project is to provide a range of creative activities facilitated by experienced professionals such as: songwriting, performance and visual art, and present them to the community through an engaging concert & exhibition style event. The outcomes of this type of project have proven to build morale, upskill participants and strengthen the community by practical creative demonstration of its abilities and collaborations.  This encourages maintainable and accomplished initiatives that can be managed locally, well beyond completion of the project delivery. 


The creative motive identified has the ability to transform and enhance positive human wellbeing, among many other benefits. It is proven that the creative arts encourage all avenues of healing and has been proven that it provides the perfect outlet to express oneself; it improves wellbeing whichever way you want to participate. In addition to being beneficial for recovery, this creative project has many noted benefits and is a simple way to involve the healing of the whole community.


Delivery of Project:

Project Auspice -  Rotary Corryong

Project Coordinator - Brad Quilliam

Key Facilitators – ‘Carter & Carter’ (Merelyn and David).

Production Manager - Phil Lawson


The facilitation itinerary will consist of visiting the Corryong community and offer an engaging and appropriate suite of workshops, events and/or activities.

• Methods will be determined in how all participants can be most effective.

• Measure the delivery of activities and the outcomes will align with agreed aims.

• Encourage community participation, utilise local resources and talents.



• Healing through music/arts

• Mental wellness

• Community building and connection

• Wellness in community

• Provides curriculum outcomes – Literacy, language, design, technology, performing and visual arts

• Provide an opportunity to celebrate recovery 

• Long term connection with the community.


Other Possibilities:

Display artwork and perform songs at BETTER DAY CONCERT.

Media interest – community building and connection, celebration, commemoration, respect for each other.

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