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Wouldn't You

Rather Be Playing?

Management is the key to making a successful and sustainable career a reality.  
David and Merelyn are uniquely qualified to help you navigate the waters of self management having lived it for over 25 years of a full time professional career.

They can help with all aspects of artist management including liaising with agents, venues, manufacturers, promoters, publishers, distributors, musicians, directors, crew, graphic designers, recording engineers, festival organisers and more.

Crestway Productions can provide single project management, management services as required, partial management and, in selected cases, full time management - giving you more time to do what you love doing - playing!


Talk to us today about how we can help you by providing the expertise in areas that you feel you need help to grow your successful and sustainable career.



Partial management is when you need ongoing management services but only in a particular area of your career.

We are more selective in the clientele that we offer this service to and it depends a lot on exactly what services have been requested.

To qualify for this type of management you must have a career or project plan or be willing to sit down with us and work one out.

With partial management we are an ongoing part of your management team for a project or your career within clearly defined roles. Contact us today if you think this would suit you and we can start the conversation.


Full management is an option that we offer to very select clients who meet the following criteria and who we feel we would work well with.


  • Unique and interesting image and material or willing to work towards it

  • A definite career plan that you would work on with us to refine

  • The drive and ability to be able to do the hard behind the scenes tasks that a sustainable and successful career entails.

  • The passion and drive to go beyond the average and reach for the extraordinary

  • A purpose beyond mere profit for wanting to play music


 You must also be able to tell us clearly why you think we are the right fit for you and we will need to do the same back.

This service provides management 

services as you need them, when you need them.

From album launch coordination to tour management, from product distribution to liasing with the different arms of the industry, from project planning to budget balancing and more.

When you need some help from people with twenty-five years plus experience in the music industry you can turn to us.

We have the skills to be able to provide you with the answers to your questions.

Contact us now and see how we can help you.

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