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Residential places are strictly limited.

A good manager that can make your career dreams a reality is hard to find for the simple reason that no one believes in your dream as much as you do. This is where the skills of self management can be the key to a successful and sustainable career.

David Carter has managed Carter & Carter for 25 years in an extremely successful and sustained career. Together with other special guest speakers he will share the secrets behind developing your own career management.

Some of the topics covered will be:

How to get gigs - the ones you want

This by far is still the most frequently asked question that we answer and covers not only how to get gigs but how to make the phone call, write the proposal, how much to charge, how much to pay the band, how to book the band, dealing with venues, booking contracts, dealing with agents, applying for festivals etc.

Creating your own unique image - finding your selling point

This covers identifying what it is that is different about you as an artist and coming up with ways to reinforce your uniqueness through clothing, photos, videos, music, website etc? Finding your unique image is vital to helping you find your supporter base.

How to write a hit song - writing songs that connect and sell albums

This covers methods on how to brainstorm new ideas for original songs, rhyming and structures, melodies and hooks, commercial considerations for songs, writing songs that are unique to who you are as an artist, finishing songs, recording demos, the art of the re-write, over coming writing roadblocks, co-writing etc.

How to record an album, EP or single

This covers everything from budget, to finding the right producer for you, how to preproduce songs, saving time in the studio, hiring the right players for a recording session, how to cope with the pressure of being under the studio microscope when recording, how to get a good mix, mastering and what it actually does, the legalities of recording your own songs or someone else's, planning to stay on budget and on a timeline and much more.

Releasing a song to radio successfully

This covers both the digital and hardcopy release of a singles to radio. It includes methods of delivery, how to use other media both printed and digital to support your radio single, making phone calls to radio presenters, planning the followup, doing radio id's, selling the story to make your song more appealing, making sure the people who do the charts know your song is being played, booking and doing radio interviews, what to do when your song starts charting etc.

Marketing your album, image or show

This covers the marketing methods both physical and digital that you can utilise to promote your album, image or show. It includes album artwork planning, photoshoot planning, preparing your bio and e-kit, getting reviews in magazines and on the internet, purchasing targeted ads, shop displays, posters & flyers, timetabling promotion for best effect, getting a crowd to your shows and much more.


Onstage performance and preparation

Your show should be a memorable one both before you step onstage and while your performing. Skills to make this happen include preparing a songlist, including special events in a show, practicing your patter (what you say between songs), writing charts, rehearsing a show, planning outfits and stage setup, setting up merchandise and maximising sales,

leading the band, dealing with difficult situations onstage, microphone technique, ending a show, stagecraft and so much more.


How to use a website, facebook and other digital presence effectively

This covers methods on how to get a website that reflects your image and how you want to communicate with the industry and supporters, using facebook in a sustainable way, email newsletters, Youtube Channel and revenue, blogs etc.

Your e-press kit is also a vital component of this. 

How to put a tour together and make it work

This covers budgeting for a tour, getting the gigs, logistics of tour and costs, marketing of tour on a budget, applying for grants, contracts for venues and performers, personalities on tour, flexible performing arrangements, handling GST, getting artwork done for tour promotion, avenues of advertising - the pros and cons of the different forms, enjoying the experience etc.

Collecting royalties

This covers song registration, APRA, AMCOS, PPCA, how to collect money you are owed in royalties, live performance returns, paying royalties, distinguishing between songwriter, mechanical and artist royalties, what is a synch licence, what happens if someone else wants to record your song, keeping track of compilations that your songs are on, what happens to uncollected royalties and more.


Bookkeeping, budget and tax

This talks about the money side of running a music business and includes GST, how to budget for shows, tours, albums,merchandise etc., keeping track of receipts, insurances, accounting, tax returns etc.

Step by step business planning for success

This covers dreaming big and then breaking it down into the little steps to make that dream become a reality. Writing goals down so you are accountable or can evaluate successful and not so successful choices, to move you towards a sustainable music career.


Video clips - balancing budget with promotion

Video clips are an integral part of any artist's promotional kit but getting one done can be very expensive. It involves talking about the need for video clips versus the budget and simple ways that you can utilise video as an extension of your image and music. Also how being sure to plan as much as you can before the clip starts shooting means less surprises at the other end. 

Plus if you have a particular question relating to self-management let us know when you book for the retreat and we will add it to the topics covered for the weekend. At the end of the weekend you will walk away with lists of contacts, venues, strategies and a plan of how to move your career forward successfully.


Residential and non-residential spots are available. 

Several guest speakers will be announced in February.

Upon booking you can tell us your specific career needs and we will tailor the course to meet your needs.

The gorgeous Cheeky Fox Retreat is a amazing B&B accommodation just 1km from our farm.  You will be accommodated there, with all meals provided, including morning and afternoon teas, light lunches and Friday & Saturday night meals.


We also want you to have a great visit to our beautiful part of the world, so we are planning a trip to the local waterfalls (both within 8 kms of our home) on the local mini bus which we will hire for the weekend to move us around.   The Kinglake Pub is also a great place to stop for a drink and if you are hungry between meals you can savour treats from Flying Tarts Bakery.  There will be opportunities to visit our farm, get close with the 50+ animals, and generally soak up the awesome environment.  You can actually see the back paddock of Hilltop Farm from Cheeky Fox Retreat – one day we might install a flying fox to transport us from The Cheeky Fox!


Here are the important details:

Date:  Friday 4 May through to Sunday 6th May 2018.  Plan to arrive Thursday evening if not local.

Travel: You are responsible to get yourselves here.  If you are driving we will of course provide good instructions and if you intend to fly in, please see below.

Transfers:  For those flying in from interstate we will co-ordinate your arrival times on Thursday and collect you in the mini bus to bring you to Kinglake (approx.. 70 mins from the airport depending on the time of day).  And return you on Sunday evening or Monday morning.  Accommodation is all included (on a share room basis) as are all meals, drinks etc. (except for alcohol).  We anticipate you will arrive Thursday afternoon and leave Sunday afternoon.  Three nights accommodation are provided, however, if you wish to extend your stay that can be arranged at The Cheeky Fox Retreat or you might like to visit some other local areas.  If you stay on for further nights, you will need to find your own way back to the airport, but please talk to us about it - we might have something up our sleeve.


Payment Plan: 

Non - Residential : We have a limited number of non-residential spots available. These spots do not include accommodation or breakfast.

Fee is $800 plus GST - We require $440 deposit upon booking.  Then $440 balance two weeks before the retreat starts. 

Residential: We have a strictly limited number of esidential spots available. These spots do not include all accommodation and meals.

Accommodation is on a share room basis.  The weekend is an all ages retreat and for those under 18 guardians are welcome ( ring us for fee details).

Fee is $1000 plus GST - We require $550 deposit upon booking.  Then $550 balance two weeks before the retreat starts. 


Invoices will be issued and some of you may be able to claim the trip on your tax

Venue:  Cheeky Fox Retreat – 1km from our Hilltop Farm.And also Hilltop Farm.

HOW TO BOOK:  Call us on 0416 075 638.  Payment can be made via direct deposit (preferred option) to Crestway Music BSB 733044  A/c 500638.  Credit card will be accepted with a small extra fee to cover Pay Pal costs (approx $20 on total amount).  Or you can go old school and send us a cheque! Need to know more before you book?:  Call us – 0416 075 638

About Cheeky Fox Retreat

Cheeky Fox Retreat offers a private, inspiring country location to work and relax for groups of up to 12 people.  Situated on 50 private acres with spectacular views over the Kinglake Ranges, the Retreat itself is a large six-bedroom home with features including a large living space with wood heater, boardroom/dining room, award winning kitchen, library, and private cinema.  We will also utilise the private cinema and set it up with some basic recording equipment so you can record your ideas as you go along.

Outside, guests have exclusive access to a solar heated swimming pool with stunning views, the house grounds and over 2 kilometres of private bush tracks to explore. Cheeky Fox Retreat is also home to some local farm animals including 30 sheep and three horses. We also have nightly visits from wombats and of course the occasional Cheeky Fox!

Accommodation is twin-share, with a queen-sized bed and a single bed in each of the six bedrooms, serviced by three shared bathrooms.  Linen and towels are provided, and the house will be stocked with basic breakfast provisions (milk, bread, cereal) and condiments (oil, tomato sauce, salt & pepper etc) for you to use during your stay.

Local wines can be purchased and/or BYO.

Please note meals can be tailored to accommodate special dietary needs. 

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